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Wickenburg is just a short drive up from the Valley - scenic drive off of Interstate 17 and Highway 74 which is the Carefree-Wickenburg Highway, or I-10 heading west and exiting off Loop 303 to Grand - Highway 60 north. Our historic community is 142 years old and continues to have the genuine western feel. It's a real town - with lot's of pride, community events, and local attractions.  It's were most people are involved and can walk down a street and know you by name. Come up for a visit anytime.

Wickenburg fills an illustrious chapter in the history of Arizona and the West. Only 54 miles away from the hustle and bustle of modern Phoenix, Arizona’s most Western community hearkens back to a different time and place.

Nature graced Wickenburg with a gentle magic. Resting on the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert, just below Arizona’s mountainous country, this Hassayampa river community abounds in natural beauty. For centuries, the Western Yavapai made the banks of this oasis their home, irrigating their crops of corn, beans, squash and tobacco. They named this place Haseyamo – meaning “following the water as far as it goes.” In the early 1820’s hunters and trappers explored the Hassayampa River in search of beavers, whose pelts were sold to hat-makers. Their reports created interest in the American West.

Then in 1862 a gold strike inspired prospectors and miners, to search for minerals throughout central Arizona. Among the adventurers was Henry Wickenburg. He came from far-off lands, lured by the dream of abundant gold. His quest was rewarded by the discovery of the Vulture Mine, where over $30 million in gold has been dug from the ground. Ranchers and farmers came and together with Henry Wickenburg and the miners, the young community of Wickenburg was founded in 1863. To ensure prosperity, the railroad came to town in 1895. The historic depot still stands as the home of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce.

Today, people settle in Wickenburg for the same reason they did in the 1800’s – the abundant clear air and wide-open spaces. Now, this splendid American community boasts of 600 businesses providing a full range of services, shopping conveniences, specialty shops and galleries for gifts of distinction and … the Western ambiance still thrives.

Wickenburg cherishes the best traditions from its colorful early days through annual events such as Gold Rush Days in February, the famous Desert Caballeros Ride, Cowboy Christmas Poetry Celebration in December and the Four-Corners Bluegrass Festival each November. The arts come alive in Wickenburg at the West’s Most Western Museum – The Desert Caballeros Western Museum; and live art takes center stage at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts.

Once named the dude ranch capitol of the world – Wickenburg guest ranches still offer a unique Western experience to folks from all over the world with their own special brand of hospitality. With just one visit to Wickenburg – you are sure to fall in love with the West.

Come discover historic Wickenburg – where the west is still wild!